Saturday, January 27, 2018

Allison Schmidt

Allison Schmidt drove US 89 across Navajo Bridge to Marble Canyon, Arizona, in 1977. Marble's mystical magic mesmerized her and she never left. She is one with her home landscape of soaring cliffs, shadowed canyons, local legends, a riveting river and the plentiful perennial pilgrims pulsing along US 89's asphalt artery throbbing through the heart of spectacular, soul-searing scenery.

Allison's one-woman entrepreneurial business is as much a part of the US 89 Legacy as the vermilion vistas are part of her.  Allison tells her tale with far better words than we can write.

Here is a 2:58 audio clip of Allison describing how she arrived in Marble Canyon and built her business:

Here is a  2:21 audio clip of Allison talking about the US 89landscape that has become so much a part of her and her business:

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